Comprehensive Loan Servicing Solutions

Streamline your loan servicing process, optimize collections, and unlock powerful data insights with our suite of innovative solutions. Designed for real-time efficiency and strategic management, our tools ensure your organization stays ahead of the curve.
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Experience Real-Time Access with Interlink

Discover Concord’s award-winning, browser-based technology platform, Interlink®. Designed to provide real-time access to account and consumer information, Interlink® is a secure solution for both external clients and Concord’s internal staff. With robust firewalls and redundancy protocols, you can trust in its security. Interlink® offers instant access to account statuses and balances, allows for seamless payment processing, and enables the creation of custom payment plans, all in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Real-time account and balance updates
  • Secure browser-based access
  • Payment processing and custom payment plan creation
  • Deployed over the internet for both clients and staff



Unlock Insights with TrueBI

Engage with your data like never before using TrueBI®. Concord’s next-generation analytics platform is designed to invite interaction, encourage discovery, and facilitate the sharing of in-depth insights. With a user-friendly, intuitive interface, TrueBI® allows you to obtain answers from your loan servicing data in seconds. Reduce your reporting backlog, focus on strategic data projects, and perform on-the-fly calculations for precise real-time results. TrueBI® provides centralized control and visibility, ensuring that everyone in your organization is aligned with the same shared metrics.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface for easy data interaction
  • Rapid access to insights and answers from your data
  • Reduces reporting backlog, enabling focus on strategic projects
  • Centralized control and visibility for consistent metrics across the organization




Master Your Collections with C2 - Command & Control

Elevate your collection management with C2 Command & Control®. This powerful workflow decisioning engine empowers collection managers to organize their portfolios by account status effectively. Assign collectors or teams to specialized areas based on skill and need, and gain real-time feedback on collection activities. With constantly updated statistics on contact and success rates, C2 Command & Control® provides the insights needed to adapt and excel in a dynamic environment.

Key Features:
  • Workflow decisioning engine for efficient portfolio management
  • Assign collectors based on skill and area of need
  • Real-time feedback on collection activities
  • Constantly updated statistics for informed decision-making

The Concord Advantage in Loan Servicing

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Leverage our extensive experience and knowledge of best practices in home improvement financing across various markets.
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Utilize our innovative technology and data-driven strategies to optimize your loan servicing processes and maximize returns.
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Rely on our efficient and compliant approach, ensuring the highest level of borrower satisfaction and adherence to industry regulations.

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