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At Concord, we believe that the success of your loan portfolio is our shared goal. That's why we invest in technology, rigorous staff training, and robust quality control measures, all geared towards providing you with the best loan portfolio servicing experience.
Discover the Concord difference, and let us help you transform the way you manage your loan portfolio.


Experience unparalleled support with our comprehensive suite of loan servicing solutions, tailored to meet your unique business needs. From primary and backup servicing to document custody and collections, our expert team works tirelessly to ensure your loan portfolio is managed with precision, care, and unwavering dedication. Partner with Concord, and let our industry-leading services transform the way you navigate the world of financial asset management.
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Primary & Subservicing

Elevate your loan servicing operations with our exceptional primary and subservicing solutions. Our dedicated team manages borrower communication, payment processing, and regulatory compliance with unmatched efficiency and professionalism.

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Backup Servicing

Ensure seamless business continuity with our comprehensive backup servicing solutions. Safeguard your investments and instill confidence in your stakeholders as we monitor your loan portfolio and remain ready to assume servicing responsibilities when needed.
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Document Custody, Loan Validation & Auditing Services

Maintain the integrity of your loan portfolio with our expert document custody, loan validation, and auditing services. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures regulatory compliance, accurate record-keeping, and reduced risk exposure.
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Maximize your recovery efforts with our compassionate and efficient collection solutions. Our experienced team employs a strategic approach to collections, preserving your brand reputation while working diligently to recover outstanding debts.


With features such as automated payment processing, customizable reporting, and comprehensive borrower communication tools, our state-of-the-art technology ensures accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in managing your loan portfolio. Experience the power of our cutting-edge loan servicing technology, and let Concord revolutionize the way you manage your financial assets.
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Streamlined Loan Management

Maximize efficiency with our user-friendly loan servicing software, designed to simplify loan management and optimize workflows.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Deliver exceptional service to borrowers through seamless communication and personalized support with our powerful software solution.

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Robust Reporting & Analytics

Gain valuable insights into loan portfolio performance with comprehensive reporting features and advanced analytics capabilities.

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Scalable & Customizable Platform

Grow your business confidently with our highly scalable loan servicing software, tailored to meet your unique needs and requirements.

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Home Improvement

Transform the home improvement sector with our specialized loan services. Our expertise in UCC Lien Management and flexible financing options equips you to support homeowners in enhancing their living spaces with ease.

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Illuminate the path to sustainable energy with our comprehensive loan servicing solutions for solar providers. Our technology-driven services ensure efficient fund management, helping you empower more homeowners to harness the sun's power.

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State Energy Program

Energize state energy initiatives with our loan servicing expertise. We facilitate seamless loan management, enabling you to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient solutions and foster a greener future.

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Vacation Ownership

Simplify your vacation property financing with our Vacation Ownership Loan Servicing Solutions. Our Loan and Maintenance fee, Billing, and Collections services offer comprehensive support for loans and annual property.

The Best in Class

Why Concord?

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Over 30 Years

Leveraging 30+ years of experience, we deliver unparalleled expertise, fostering long-lasting partnerships and innovative loan servicing solutions.

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Award Winning

Experience award-winning excellence in loan servicing, consistently surpassing expectations and fostering successful client relationships.

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Omni-Channel Communications

Omni-channel communications for seamless interactions, elevating customer experience, and boosting engagement across platforms.