Portfolio Management Solutions

Technology-driven, customized loan servicing solutions focused on customer service, compliance, and data security and backups.

4 time-tested reasons to partner with Concord

Customer Service​

Clients and their customers are beneficiaries of Concord’s three-plus decades of expertise and employee team longevity and experience.

Customer self- or full-service payment convenience, multichannel communication, and collaboration are top priorities.

Exceptional client retention documents commitments kept and results achieved.

From scalable technology to bullet-proof compliance, clients get unequaled support.

Customizable servicing solutions

Industry, geographic and client-specific solutions for secured and unsecured loans are a Concord hallmark.

Concord provides all client support, enabling clients to focus on core business operations.

Bilingual and multi-currency solutions through Scottsdale, AZ and Mexico City offices.

Expert onboarding and implementation for smooth data conversion.


Compliance and data security

A comprehensive and compliant data security and compliance platform supports custom servicing solutions.

PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, SOC1® Type 2 auditing controls.

Secure workflows and technology maximize data availability, full-site backup protection with international redundancy.

Time-tested compliance systems and protocols adhere to all federal, state, and other regulations.


Concord’s “Share the Vision” initiative addresses today’s leading edge and future benchmarks.

Customers can pay in the way that best supports them with both self-service and full-service options.

Real-time contact center reporting keeps clients fully informed.

Today’s robust, scalable solutions complement tomorrow’s visionary product and service development.

How to qualify a loan servicing partner

 It’s no secret that evaluating and selecting a third-party loan servicer can be a challenge. The process requires gathering critical information in many areas, weighing key compliance and risk factors, and assessing technology requirements. We’ve created a comprehensive evaluation guide to make the process easier–and to help you find the right partner for your unique needs. 


Shopping Basket

Concord’s reporting system enables immediate changes to staff allocation and coverage, depending on areas of greatest need.

Real-Time Reporting

Credit Reporting

Workflow Management

Search-Driven Analytics

Intuitive Dashboards

Comprehensive workflow management solutions to organize billing and collection among multiple portfolios with varying timing and payment features.

Maintains visibility into portfolio performance with auto-generated and on-demand reports via Interlink.

Real-time collections status, balance information and collector statistics dashboard with ability to report historical data.

Incorporation of applicable licensing and consumer protection regulations into effective digital communications channels to maximize reach, responsiveness, and reliability.

Reaction times to customer needs have improved from next-day to right away in many cases.

In turn, this empowers faster and better customer communications, and instills confidence with clients, who appreciate the rapid pivoting to meet demand where most needed.

Concord leverages experience and knowledge in all facets of financial product management with solutions tailored to clients’ needs.




Understanding the importance of critical documents and what they represent, Concord offers complete document validation including individual files and database inventory tracking.

Inventory can be linked to receivables for reporting and scheduled maintenance, such as returning paid-in-full documents.

Concord provides custodial services encompassing e-vault, backup services, loan validation, and UCC validation to hold clients’ securities – minimizing the risk of theft or loss.

Paper Custodian
Documents are secured in Concord’s storage vault in fire-proof cabinets.

Documents are secured in a Concord administered e-vault established for each unique lending relationship.

Loan Validation
Concord provides loan validation and audit services according to each client’s needs, offering customized solutions unique to individual workflows and filing requirements.

UCC Validation
Among the variety of custodial services offered, Concord can streamline client workflow by providing UCC filing verification.

Blackwell Recovery® offers Cost-effective, fully compliant solutions for early-to-late-stage collections, configured to client portfolios.

Delinquent Account Debt Recovery

Customized, Consumer-Focused Plans

Real-Time Reporting

Innovative measures for debt recovery of severely delinquent accounts.

Customized collection plans based on unique requirements with the ability to adjust based on real-time data from C2 Command & Control.

Collaborative, consumer-focused approaches that result in higher debt repayment.

Responsive service, including real-time reporting capabilities.

Dedicated compliance officer and team; data protection in an external data center.

Multilingual staff located in the US and Mexico.

Improved responsiveness and communication with owners through consumer portal.

Minimized risk with secure and compliant data centers.

Fortified with mobile-responsive technology, the contact center is driving triple-digit percentage increases in customer self-service usage to make PCI-compliant credit card and check payments.

Staffed by experienced, bilingual associates.

Incorporates effective digital communication channels to maximize reach, responsiveness, and reliability.

New, highly efficient contact center communication protocols have substantially reduced hold times, enabling reps to focus more effectively on fielding questions and addressing concerns in a completely secure environment.

Contact center employees report that Genesys® is helping them do their jobs more productively and positively.

Customers are benefitting from shorter call hold times, reliable information, and new secure self-service payment and account options.

Clients are receiving robust, up-to-the-minute reporting about both quantity and quality of customer interactions.

Includes private labeling as appropriate for a seamless extension of client branding and communications.

Conversions-implementations that sail smoothly. Confidence and peace of mind replace frustration and anxiety.

Account Onboarding

Real-Time Account Information

Credit Card & Auto-Debit Payments

Every implementation team member has worked extensively in servicing and operations—so they know the terrain, the challenges, the frustrations…and the solutions.

The team also possesses broad domestic and international experience in a variety of asset classes— including home improvement, solar, energy efficiency, and vacation ownership.

For the client team involved in implementation and onboarding, Concord provides a frictionless “passing of the baton” by handling the heavy lifting.

Compliant third-party payment processing with self-pay options—includes cash distribution, analytics, and multichannel client/customer interface.

Consumer Portal

Direct Billing

HOA & Maintenance Fees Processing

Credit Card Payments

Dedicated Compliance Team


Concord becomes a system of record and payments-paid-via-credit-card, which lowers the number of people needed to facilitate each transaction.

Online credit card payments offer customers the ability to self-pay quickly and securely. Paperless transactions eliminate logistical challenges of tracking “hard copy” payments.

Payment options include one-time and/or recurring bank draft, credit card payments and custom payment plans. The system saves time and automates billing and payment processing for customers.

Includes cost-effective, fully compliant solutions for early-to-late-stage collections, configured to client portfolios.

Improve relationships with customers with customized correspondence based on preferences via Interlink and MAI.

Safeguard customer data using verified third-party providers.

Maximize revenue by combining innovative technology with a diverse set of efficient collection strategies.

Maintain visibility into portfolio performance with auto-generated and on-demand reports via Interlink.