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What to Look for When Outsourcing Your Customer Service

Notes an article in forbes.com: “The No. 1 goal of customer service is customer satisfaction, but how you get there may not be as clear-cut and straightforward as it seems. It begins with a strong team, which is the result of optimized management, which spirals all the way back to the founders of the organization. In other words, to achieve successful customer service, the highest echelon needs to understand that it begins with having a clear mission and core values that can be imparted to the team responsible for customer service, which for many brands these days, is increasingly being optimized through outsourcing.”

The article continues, “Why do we outsource? The bottom line is: A company outsources its customer service with the aim of minimizing costs and maximizing competitive advantage in customer experience to further drive business and hence revenue…the gateway to getting there is through having an optimal customer service staff.”

The article goes on to point out that finding the right outsourced team requires matching up their core values with services the company needs to provide. “The outsourcer outfit must be trustworthy, transparent and accountable with clear communication channels established in this regard,” notes forbes.com.

Technology advances have given customers the expectation of a seemingly endless array of ways to engage with businesses, according to the article—also noting that they want to use their preferred channels, with quick and helpful answers and personalized interactions.

“Even well before the COVID-19 pandemic, 75% of customers said they expected a response within 5 minutes. And as more and more people turn to online solutions for previously offline activities — whether it’s using an app to have groceries delivered, streaming a workout class on a fitness app, or joining a video call from a makeshift home office — customers have evolved a new standard of immediacy for both online and online-to-offline interactions…people have come to expect the same conveniences when the need arises for customer service interactions,” the article concludes.


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