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Interlink® is Concord’s award-winning, browser-based technology platform that provides real-time access to account/consumer information. Deployed over the internet for both external clients and Concord’s internal staff, Interlink, is fully secured by firewalls and redundancy protocols.

Features and Benefits:

  • Access real-time status and balance information and search, view, and notate accounts.
  • Accept one-time and/or recurring bank draft, credit card payments, and custom payment plans.
  • Generate and schedule interactive reports with drill-down capabilities. Easily export to common file formats for viewing on-line, printed, downloaded, or emailed.
  • Multi-currency capabilities that include payment options, payoff quotes, exchange rate calculators, and secure credit card and ACH transaction processing with domestic and international banking affiliates.
  • A real-time collector statistics dashboard with the ability to report historical data.
  • A call resolution requirement that assures consistency in collector procedures and allows the tracking of reasons for delinquency.
  • Bankruptcy and skip tracing screens used to store pertinent legal and contact information.
  • Automated and on-demand generation of correspondence such as reminder letters, statements, and coupon books.
  • Ability to force, suspend, and reinstate credit reporting.
  • All activities such as notes, letters, and transactions are stored permanently.