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C2 Command & Control

C2 Command & Control®

C2 Command & Control® is a work-flow decisioning engine that empowers collection managers to organize their portfolios by account status. Collector activity can be controlled by assigning collectors or teams to specialized areas, depending upon skill and need. The console provides management with real-time collection activity feedback. Statistics such as contact and success rates at a variety of levels are constantly updated giving managers the information necessary to react to changing environments.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides management with penetration, contact, and promise rates; enabling real-time reaction to changing environments.
  • Offers tools to help collection teams organize portfolios and accounts into neatly organized cells where collector and payment activity can be closely monitored.
  • Allows for a quick analysis of collector performance and results against measurable goals to determine if additional training is needed or if additional incentives would be cost-effective.