Technology that Triumphs​

Concord's Integrated Financial Technology Suite Drives Customer Success

Technology done right creates a highly satisfying user experience characterized by what isn’t memorable—malfunctions and mishaps. Concord’s technology is designed and developed to blend together seamlessly for the most reliable user experience possible. Key to success is coordination between teams representing the total scope of technology development, from IT to customer experience. Also critical is a commitment to continuous improvement that creates fully customized solutions delivered on-time. These have been hallmarks of Concord’s performance for 34 years.

Interlink® is Concord’s award-winning, browser-based technology platform that provides real-time access to account/consumer information. Deployed over the internet for both external clients and Concord’s internal staff, Interlink is fully secured by firewalls and redundancy protocols.

Access real-time status and balance information

Accept one-time and recurring payments

Generate and schedule drill-down reports

Utilize multi-currency capabilities

Access real-time collector dashboard with access to historical data

Create correspondence materials™ (MAI™) is Concord’s mobile friendly consumer portal with a vital role in helping account holders/consumers access information about their loan obligations at their convenience. MAI can be deployed as an extension of your website or used as a stand-alone site. MAI is customizable to your brand for a seamless end-user experience.

Access account status and activity

Make payments through payment portal and autopay

Support international banking relationships with multi-currency functionality

White-label capabilities to maintain the look and feel of individual brands

C2 Command & Control® is a work-flow decisioning engine that empowers collection managers to organize their portfolios by account status. The console provides management with real-time collection activity feedback. Statistics such as contact and success rates at a variety of levels are constantly updated giving managers the information necessary to react to changing environments.

Assign collectors or teams to specialized areas depending on skills required

Closely monitor real-time collector and payment activity

View KPIs such as penetration, contact and promise rates

Analyze collector performance against measurable goal

Concord’s analytics platform, trueBI™, bridges the gap between access to data, and data as actionable information. An online business intelligence platform, trueBI is for customers of Concord’s servicing platform who require self-service data extraction and presentation. Unlike most BI tools, trueBI’s AI-Driven platform is an intuitive interface that provides search-driven analytics to ask questions, analyze data, and build reports and dashboards.

Designed to invite interaction, trueBI encourages discovery and sharing of in-depth insights, and offers access to key information with a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

Easily extract data through Concord’s online suite

Ask questions, analyze data and built reports and dashboards through an intuitive interface

Create interactive visualizations of business data with drilldown options and color coding

At the end of the day, technology must be both stable and scalable. Planning well ahead, which includes instituting a framework for rapid scalability, is equally important to meeting near-term objectives. Concord creates technology that enables lower-cost automation, greater accuracy, and easier scaling in previously labor-intensive areas, in turn freeing up human resources elsewhere. For example, automating many loan acquisition and servicing functions creates a greater space for human involvement, intervention and insights in other areas—notably customer service and support.

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