Document custody, loan validation and auditing services

Concord leverages experience and knowledge in all facets of financial product management with solutions tailored to clients’ needs.

Paper Custodian

Documents are secured in Concord’s storage vault in fire-proof cabinets.


Documents are secured in a Concord administered e-vault established for each unique lending relationship.

Loan Validation

Concord provides loan validation and audit services according to each client’s needs, offering customized solutions unique to individual workflows and filing requirements.

UCC Validation

Among the variety of custodial services offered, Concord can streamline client workflow by providing UCC filing verification.

Understanding the importance of critical documents and what they represent, Concord offers complete document validation including individual files and database inventory tracking.

Inventory can be linked to receivables for reporting and scheduled maintenance, such as returning paid-in-full documents.

Concord provides custodial services encompassing e-vault, backup services, loan validation, and UCC validation to hold clients’ securities – minimizing the risk of theft or loss.

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