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Cost-effective, fully compliant solutions for late-stage collections, configured to client portfolios.

Innovative measures for debt recovery of severely delinquent accounts


Customized collection plans based on unique requirements.*

Collaborative, consumer-focused approaches that result in higher debt repayment


Responsive service, including real-time reporting capabilities

Dedicated compliance officer and team; data protection in an external data center


Multilingual staff located in the US and Mexico

Improved responsiveness and communication with owners through consumer portal


Minimized risk with secure and compliant data centers

*with ability to adjust based on real-time data from C2 Command & Control

Notes a Blackwell Recovery client, “We needed to find a collections partner that would get creative and collaborate with us in posturing the right message, delivered at the right time to the right household, while still operating under the heightened regulatory environment to ensure our members are treated with a high degree of empathy. Our search led us straight to Blackwell Recovery and we are thrilled with the outcome.”

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