Billing & Payment Processing

Compliant third-party payment processing with self-pay options—includes cash distribution, analytics, and multichannel client/customer interface.


Improve relationships with customers with customized correspondence based on preferences via Interlink and MAI

Online credit card payments offer customers the ability to self-pay quickly and securely. Paperless transactions eliminate logistical challenges of tracking “hard copy” payments. Concord becomes a system of record and payments-paid-via-credit-card, which lowers the number of people needed to facilitate each transaction.

Payment options include one-time and/or recurring bank draft, credit card payments and custom payment plans. The system saves time and automates billing and payment processing for customers.

Includes cost-effective, fully compliant solutions for early-to-late-stage collections, configured to client portfolios. Safeguarding customer data using verified third-party providers. Maximize revenue by combining innovative technology with a diverse set of efficient collection strategies

Maintain visibility into portfolio performance with auto-generated and on-demand reports via Interlink

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