Signs of employee engagement and empowerment.

A loan servicer needs to show strength in both areas because this is what ultimately dictates optimum performance on behalf of clients. Both are required to make the entire system work consistently and reliably. It’s one thing to have top executives with decades of experience. It’s extraordinary—and telling—when there are call center employees with well over a decade in the position.

To ensure Concord’s workforce remains highly engaged, the company holds regular stand-ups with their teams that include consistent health and wellness checks on participants. Outreach efforts to the workforce are consistently conducted. Efforts include such questions as, “Are you feeling supported? Isolated? Where can we help?”

Notes Alexis Short, Concord Vice President of Human Resources, “While many employers cut their workforces and benefits during the pandemic, we stayed the course. It’s vital to help make employees as okay as possible, no matter what circumstances are challenging them. With all the financial and emotional hardships people have had to endure since the start of the pandemic, we wanted to make sure our people knew they were valued and respected.”

Another part of this, notes Short, “is conducting fun, lighthearted activities that put a smile on employees’ faces and reinforce how much we value them. Birthday, anniversary and customer service award announcements and celebrations are woven into the schedule.”

She emphasizes, “But, employee engagement is about so much more. Happy employees believe in the organization. Their minds, hearts and spirits are all invested. They make connections and drive results. They facilitate and enjoy open communication. They have plans and objectives that lead to making sure clients have the best experience possible. They want to grow and collaborate. Happy, engaged employees lead to happy clients. Clients realize that our family-oriented environment translates into enterprising ideas, super agility, and genuine enjoyment of a job well done!”

Clearly, employee satisfaction leads to client success.

Employee engagement culture surveys reveal very high company-wide satisfaction levels in both the Scottsdale and Mexico City offices. Surveys and evaluations conducted with clients and lenders speak loud and clear about company performance, and issue resolution—with respondents overwhelmingly confirming issues were resolved “quite easily” or “without difficulty.”

At the end of the day, employees are the lifeblood of loan servicing. How robust (or anemic) that lifeblood is dictates the health of any client relationship. Concord’s job on behalf of clients, partners and other stakeholders is to make sure employees come through with shining colors.

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