Share the Vision seeks to provide total-company involvement & improvement. Part IV

We recently introduced Concord’s initiative, Share the Vision, which seeks to provide total-company involvement & improvement. This includes the all-important plan to train people for future leadership and communication challenges. In previous posts we’ve discussed the first three aims and the fourth through seventh aims of this initiative.

This post discusses the last three of ten aims:

Drill down to full disclosure. In large part, this focuses on asking questions, questions, questions. Bring it up, ask “silly” questions (which almost never are really silly), and drill down to what’s not okay. In turn, this fuels the fire to move things forward to continue a discussion and offers multiple chances to share opinions and ideas about value and explain the need.

Scale up productivity with Total Team Training. If a particular scope of work will take one person 10 weeks, yet it needs to be done in 5 weeks, where does the rubber meet the road? No matter how expert the top specialist is, sometimes 10 weeks is 10 weeks, period. To get it done in 5 requires training other people to pitch in and further ramp up productivity. Despite this seemingly sound logistical argument, there too often is pressure on the one trained specialist to perform miracles. With Total Team Training, multiple specialists working together can scale down the time needed to 5 weeks while working in a thorough, reliable, and minimal stress environment.

Make IT make sense. While technical language works well within the IT department, it’s easy to lose one-third of the audience, or more, outside the department. This opens the door for IT (and anyone else with their “own language”) to communicate differently—in a way that can be understood by everyone. Ask questions and encourage the asking of questions. Then, double-check to make sure everyone who needs to understand is receiving the communication clearly and understandably.


Jon Catlin, Concord Servicing Corporation Chief Information Officer, is a big-picture thinker, strategist, and implementation specialist. His Share the Vision initiative is designed to bring together the collective brainpower, creative insights, and perspectives of all forces within the company to effect positive change, enhance productivity, empower the workforce, and optimize outcomes. Far from being an IT-only focus, Share the Vision is a total company endeavor designed to make Concord all it can be on behalf of clients, employees, partners, and other stakeholders.

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