Recap: Concord’s Top 10 Share the Vision aims 

Share the Vision looks at what Concord can achieve by doing something different. Here is a recap of our top ten aims.

1. Create a culture of collaboration, communication, confession. That’s right, confession. To fully collaborate and communicate requires relating the good, the bad, the ugly.

2. Aspire to continuous improvement. It’s woven into the fabric of what Concord does. It’s the glue that binds the entire business together and enables offering continuous improvement in client, partner, and other stakeholder relationships.

3. Spread the wealth of knowledge. Instead of one expert, Concord works to create a team of experts who can share the load and shorten the timeframes needed to meet a challenge.

4. Embrace empowerment, promote passionate thinking, celebrate success. To get a group to embrace change, empower it to effect the change by overcoming financial and other objections.

5. Open all doors to change. Open doors bring two outcomes: Informing and directing everyone fully; and promoting the exchange and discussion of ideas in a completely open and non-threatening environment.

6.Question the status quo. Shine a light on everything and brainstorm how to think about things differently, effect change, find a new perspective—and assess whether or not doing something is the right thing.

7. Get LEAN. Concord uses a model called EASS—Eliminate, Automate, Self-Service. It is based on principles of LEAN management to eliminate waste and create the most efficient, cost-effective environment possible.

8. Drill down to full disclosure. Bring it up, ask “silly” questions (which almost never are really silly), and drill down to what’s not okay.

9. Scale up productivity with Total Team Training. With Total Team Training, multiple specialists working together can scale down the time needed to complete a project while working in a thorough, reliable, and minimal stress environment.

10. Make IT make sense. Ask questions and encourage the asking of questions. Then, double-check to make sure everyone who needs to understand is receiving the communication clearly and understandably.

Jon Catlin, Concord Servicing Corporation Chief Information Officer, is a big-picture thinker, strategist, and implementation specialist. His Share the Vision initiative is designed to bring together the collective brainpower, creative insights, and perspectives of all forces within the company to effect positive change, enhance productivity, empower the workforce, and optimize outcomes. Far from being an IT-only focus, Share the Vision is a total company endeavor designed to make Concord all it can be on behalf of clients, employees, partners, and other stakeholders.

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