Partnership, proactivity, and personalized solutions

No company fits into “one size fits all.”

Neither should your loan servicer. There are many challenges in the loan servicing arena. Your needs, requirements, and preferences should be addressed to create the appropriate tailor-made solution. Every client and challenge are different. Solutions need to be, too.

“Proactivity should permeate every business process, starting with interacting with the business to get their needs, and working with the development team to make sure requirements and deadlines are met. Concurrently, it’s vital to look at long-term product enhancement, such as more robust business intelligence. And continuous improvement momentum to offer and configure novel solutions overlays all of it. -Steven Knudsen, Vice President of Product Development

The importance of open doors with clients.

Tell it like it is. And prove it. Period. For everyone in robust, competition-laden industries, a natural tendency is to “embellish” performance abilities to get contracts. This does no one any good. Your servicer should explicitly state what is feasible without exaggeration, then prove it—both with legacy performance elsewhere and as the contract proceeds with your company. Far from hiding the truth, a quality servicer will make sure you’re fully informed about both the good and bad. Only in this transparent environment can progress and performance be optimized.

This is how we’ve grown during three-plus decades in business. Consistently accurate and reliable information is woven into Concord’s DNA and is a core value in place since the company’s founding. We pull back the curtain to reveal that our performance is tied to real, dedicated, and talented people meeting challenges to the best of their ability. Results speak for themselves.

“In my 17 years here, I’ve found that open door communication with clients is essential to building meaningful, trusting relationships that make our clients better and more competitive. When they grow, we grow along with them. This requires the ability to address challenges truthfully even when it’s hard. That’s how you grow together and make each other better, versus a string of instant gratification ‘feel good’ moments that won’t sustain in the trenches or through a crisis.” -Kyle Derry, Senior Vice President of Business Development

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