Listen and Learn: Perfecting Implementation ‘Show and Tell’

Loan servicing relationships are built on asking many questions and listening carefully. Only after getting a complete and accurate picture is it time to show solutions and tell how they can work to maximum client benefit. This is true in every facet of the relationship, from maximizing loan portfolio performance to guiding a successful implementation or conversion.

Concord’s core implementation team has completed more than 100 conversions and start-up implementations and possesses more than a century of combined experience.

Notes Brandina Wade, Concord VP of Implementations, “Having managers who’ve lived and breathed departments as diverse as customer service and IT is a huge benefit. These multifaceted people know and feel the need to consider everything from the vantage point of multiple disciplines. Servicers passing the test of time know that challenges typically require savvy multi-disciplinary, and very customized solutions. Your loan servicer should be highly motivated to look at your business with an inquisitive, fresh set of eyes—and be eager to learn about you today, and how to help maximize your tomorrow.”

Central to the continuous improvement process is the implementation team’s commitment to make the hard stuff as easy as possible. For example, multiple virtual implementation conferences versus an afternoon spent face-to-face have required extra effort and diligence to ensure everyone is fully motivated and involved. Senior VP Evan Green points out, “We’re focusing on improving efficiency in reviewing data, and redoubling efforts to archive and document implementations to aid in subsequent efforts. Knowing where we’ve been is even more important as business rules and flags become more complicated. ‘Amping up efficiency’ is a daily call to action for everyone on the implementation team.”

Concord’s implementation team is working to reinforce touchpoints and to be there for any client needs. And, post-go-live engagement to make sure all is going well is being emphasized more than ever. We continue to ask questions and listen intently long after the initial implementation or conversion is completed. “No one at Concord ever washes their hands after a handoff. We stay accessible and reach out frequently to touch base just to make sure all bases are covered,” notes Wade.

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