Hiring Concord Servicing enables Serenité to concentrate on core competencies.

Capitalizing on the “need to be good or be gone,” Serenité Private Residence Club at Camelback Mountain in the Poconos is doubling down on customer service benchmarks on everything from facility design and member connection to such fundamentals as payment processing provided by Concord Servicing.

Notes Gregg Bittner, Serenité Chief Financial Officer, “Before Concord came on board, we did all payment processing and custodials in-house. As this is their expertise, they can focus on these vital areas and we can concentrate on our core competencies. So far, this is far exceeding our expectations—allowing us to pull back resources and better define and perform on what we are delivering.”

Concord President and CRO Shaun O’Neill points out, “Our partnership with Serenité shows how well the relationship can work when all parties are committed to working together in the best win-win way possible.”

About Serenité
Serenité Private Residence Club at Camelback Mountain in the Poconos is a private club where members stay and vacation. The club combines the luxury amenities and services of a boutique resort with the comforts and security of a “home-away-from-home” featuring stately-appointed, fully furnished residences. Serenité is embracing the true spirit of the mountains with a focus on physical wellness and mental wellbeing with the integration of world-class level hydrotherapy spas and outdoor wellness hiking trails, while bringing together a genuine family atmosphere. Club events and socials give members of all ages something to enjoy and look forward to all four seasons of the year. The member community is the core of Serenité.

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