Genesys contact center solution addresses next-generation customer service. 

Concord Program Manager Josh Burack emphasizes that incorporating an industry-leading solution fits perfectly with Concord’s continuing investment in forward-looking technology that empowers and enhances a wide array of satisfying personalized interactions—starting with clients and their customers, on through to those who oversee and staff the contact center.

Enhanced “do it yourself” system protocols enable people in contact with customers to effect software changes, instead of having to go through sometimes belabored IT-department development. Senior Contact Center Director Dan Goit notes that necessary changes can now be made by people with daily customer contact versus having to develop and implement a software solution. It’s much faster, and instead of one or two people eyeballing the situation, “There are many subject matter experts through the organization and in all areas of the department who can make changes that are efficient, professional and clean,” Goit notes.

“During COVID and widespread economic hardships, we shifted to working from home successfully while maintaining focus and continuity and improving overall performance. Genesys Cloud™ is an extension of that attitude. Many companies didn’t survive,” notes Burack.

Providing a caring and collaborative customer collections experience will continue to be the norm in the loan servicing industry. Burack points out “For so many reasons—cooperation, compliance, regulations, security and client portfolio performance among them—it makes sense to ensure that customers have fast, accurate, and satisfying experiences when communicating with a representative. Genesys provides a crucial leg up to do just that.”

This is all part of a continuing trend where customers have more clout. Notes Concord President and CRO Shaun O’Neill, “Increasingly, collections customers are driving the customer experience to meet their expectations. Creditors wanting high-performing portfolios need to meet those expectations. Genesys is a key link in successful collaboration between customers and creditors. We’re consistently elevating the customer experience while maintaining compliance and integrity. We now have the leading solution in the industry.”

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