From Compliance to Contact Center, Continuous Improvement is the priority.

Denver Post Founder Frederick G. Bonfils famously uttered, “There is no hope for the satisfied man.”

Obviously, we don’t believe in standing still. And we haven’t for our three-plus decades in business.

Nowhere is this more evident than Compliance. New client due diligence is a multipronged effort. Continuing education yearly, studying litigation trends, reviewing legislative sessions, and gathering intelligence and insights from multiple industry groups —e.g., The International Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA International) —are all helpful to get issues on the radar.

Overlaying all of this is tapping into the huge resource of collections and credit industry communities addressing affairs in Washington, D.C.; and staying up-to-date on the statuses of several hundred bills pending at state levels at any one time. Subscribing to regulatory agency communications and notifications is yet another layer. It’s also vital to listen to and learn from prospective clients’ experiences, to help seam together best practices that will work most effectively with that particular client.

In the Genesys-powered Contact Center, real-time reporting and regearing are important elements of the continuous improvement equation. “We’ve now got real-time eyes on contact center queues and wait-times, agent productivity, trending problems or performance outside the norm,” notes Senior Contact Center Director Dan Goit. “We can see right away how teams are performing and report to clients on a moment’s notice, all in user-friendly, easy-to-read visualizations through a business intelligence tool integrated into the phone system. We will continue to adjust, and add more analytics and depth to system capabilities.”

This also enables immediate changes to staff allocation and coverage, depending on areas of greatest need. Reaction times to consumer needs have improved from next-day to right away in many cases.

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