Early-to-late-stage collections include Concord’s proprietary Blackwell Recovery™

For a variety of humanitarian, regulatory, and common-sense business reasons, the old way of handling collections is gone. Companies unable or unwilling to consider the needs of customers and growing collections compliance requirements at both federal and state levels will find themselves coming up short—literally and figuratively. Now is a great time to review collections policies and procedures at all levels—from early-to-late-stage considerations. Make sure they are supported by state-of-the-art technology that can help documentation, reporting, and the ability of staff to be as efficient as possible.

With over three decades of collections experience, Concord covers the continuum when it comes to cost-effective, fully compliant solutions for early-to-late-stage collections, configured to client portfolios. Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive workflow management solutions via Interlink and C2 software to organize billing and collection and distribute real-time data among multiple portfolios with varying timing and payment features
  • Innovative, customized, and consumer-focused programs that help ensure improved customer relationships, and consequently, heightened debt repayment and better portfolio performance
  • Online credit card payments offering customers the ability to self-pay quickly and securely. Paperless transactions eliminate logistical challenges of tracking “hard copy” payments
  • Enhanced productivity with configurable solutions to fit the needs of loan/maintenance dues portfolios
  • Maintaining visibility into portfolio performance with auto-generated and on-demand reports via Interlink
  • Improving relationships with consumers with customized correspondence based on preferences via the Interlink and MAI solutions
  • Safeguarding consumer data using verified third-party providers. Maximize revenue by combining innovative technology with a diverse set of efficient collection strategies
  • Dedicated compliance team that ensures compliance and data protection

Blackwell Recovery™, Concord’s proprietary software, offers innovative, customized solutions featuring a consumer-focused approach for recovering revenue that will minimize delinquent accounts and maximize portfolio performance.  In a highly regulated industry, a debt recovery partner that puts compliance and customer collaboration at the forefront is mandatory. Offering recovery performance among the highest in the industry, Blackwell Recovery’s results-oriented approach sets the standard for collections in all markets Concord serves.

Notes a Blackwell Recovery client, “We needed to find a collections partner that would get creative and collaborate with us in posturing the right message, delivered at the right time to the right household, while still operating under the heightened regulatory environment to ensure our members are treated with a high degree of empathy.  Our search led us straight to Blackwell Recovery and we are thrilled with the outcome.” 

Blackwell Recovery features:

  • Innovative measures for debt recovery of severely delinquent accounts
  • Customized collection plans based on unique requirements, with ability to adjust based on real-time data from C2 Command & Control
  • Collaborative, consumer-focused approaches that result in higher debt repayment
  • Responsive service, including real-time reporting capabilities
  • Dedicated compliance officer and team; data protection in an external data center
  • Multilingual staff located in the US and Mexico
  • Improved responsiveness and communication with owners through consumer portal
  • Minimized risk with secure and compliant data centers

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