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It is Concord’s policy to comply with all applicable federal and state laws that impact our business as well as the services we provide, regardless of where they are located geographically. To ensure compliance with these varying regulations, Concord has designed and implemented a Compliance Management System (CMS). The CMS is a thorough, yet adaptable, compliance program adjusted to our business strategy and operational requirements.

Concord’s CMS utilizes a top-down leadership and management approach while integrating specific controls into daily functions and activities. The CMS assists with:

  • Documenting and outlining our compliance responsibilities.
  • Facilitating the organization and dissemination of our obligations via policy, procedure and work instruction.
  • Ensuring that legal requirements and our internal policies are incorporated into our business processes.
  • Leveraging technology, where possible, to automate compliance controls.
  • Reviewing operations to ensure that responsibilities are carried out and legal obligations are met.
  • Focusing on growth opportunities through corrective action plans, shared learning, and training programs.
  • Ongoing monitoring of our consumer feedback response program.

Concord utilizes a variety of controls to mitigate compliance risk and minimize potential liability to both clients and consumers.

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