Meet the Team

Mark collaborates and coordinates with ownership in leading and guiding all aspects of Concord. A passionate employee empowerment advocate, he previously held senior leadership roles at Wyndham Destinations, including: Executive Vice President and Chief Hospitality Officer, and President of Wyndham Consumer Finance.

Mark A. Johnson
Chief Executive Officer

Shaun leads Concord’s strategic business development, marketing, sales, and revenue generation initiatives, including revenue planning and forecasting. He champions customer service excellence with clients, their loan customers, and partners—and supports company employee empowerment programs.

Shaun O’Neill
President and Chief Revenue Officer

David is responsible for all financial activities of Concord including timely and accurate financial reporting; cash flow and working capital management; financial planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis; and working with the executive team to ensure Concord’s strategic goals are met. Prior to joining Concord, David was the Chief Financial Officer at six companies, also held interim and fractional CFO roles and participated in three successful exits.

David Sindelar
Chief Financial Officer

Sonja leads Concord’s business and servicing operations, contact centers, product development, and management, as well as Concord’s in-house legal and compliance units. Her teams are located both in the US and in Latin America. Sonja focuses her time on talent development & engagement, risk assessment & strategy, and continuous improvement and planning. Sonja has held a variety of leadership roles at Concord over the last 15 years.

Sonja Yurkiw
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Jon leads all Concord IT operations, including software development, system maintenance and monitoring, technology procurement, technology innovation and IT-related planning and forecasting. He spearheaded the “Share the Vision” initiative that drives people, process and technology development.

Jon Catlin
Chief Information Officer

Kyle leads Concord’s global business development work as well as the implementation and training teams. His customer service and team mentoring skills help drive and enhance performance in operations, customer service, and business development.

Kyle Derry
Senior Vice President,
Business Development & Implementation

Alexis leads Concord’s strategic and administrative human resources work, including onboarding, offboarding, benefits, payroll, and fulfillment of employer-related regulatory requirements. She champions hiring and training initiatives that drive employee retention and advancement.

Alexis Short
Vice President, Human Resources

Pat leads and guides Concord’s treasury management team, which handles Concord’s accounting, financial reporting, financial auditing and forecast-consolidation work. Prior to joining Concord in 2006, he held leadership roles in such public accounting positions as consulting, audit, and tax.

Pat Gomez
Vice President, Controller

Selina has 25-plus years of diverse loan servicing leadership experience in investment banking, Fintech, and financial services. The former AmeriFirst business development vice president is known for cultivating trusted customer relationships, teambuilding, and strategic partnerships.

Selina Stoller
Vice President, Business Development

Jesus joined Concord in 2017 as Business Development Director, Latin America. His primary responsibilities include regional strategic planning and growth and client relationship management. This 30-plus-year industry veteran has substantial experience in sales and marketing.

Jesus Calahorra
Director of Business Development

Evan is responsible for maximizing collaboration between Concord’s personnel, technologies, and business processes. Evan engages with IT, Product Development, and Business Departments to achieve user productivity, innovation, efficiency, and profitability objectives.

Evan Green
Senior Vice President, Implementation

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